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Step in to Ocean Park and find yourself surrounded by thrill seeking locals and high schoolers looking to experience pure adrenaline rush. Among the theme and amusement parks in Hong Kong, Ocean Park seem to be the one favoured by locals.
Unlike Disneyland, getting to Ocean Park is very convenient. The simplest way is to take the City Bus 629 from Admiralty MTR or you can consider the many mini and public buses from all over so take one that fits.
Once in, there were kids rides, fun fair games, Panda and Aquarium attractions that will make you feel like a pair of young teenage couple lost in your own world riding on top of a hammerhead shark Merry-Go-Round.
Tip: If you are planning to get in on some roller coaster action, do make your way up first as the rides on top of the summit closes earlier.
We started queuing for the cable car up the summit which in my opinion is my favourite ride in Ocean Park. A long snaking queue and a couple of Candy Crush levels later, we were given our own cabin on the way to the summit.
Once we got use to the vertigo, sitting in the cabin with a birds eye view of the deep water bay, cold wind blowing in our face gently and quietly was a peaceful experience.
It was like the calm before a tsunami as once our cabin reached the summit cable car station, just beside it was our first roller coaster ride, the Hair Raiser.
We initially thought the queue from the outside looks short but we ended up queuing for close to 45mins. Just when it was our turn next, the missus chickened out after seeing the bottom of the platform opening up leaving legs dangling in midair. I ended up taking this (an most other rides) alone hoping my shoes don’t fly off as the roller coaster loops and drop from heights.
Our stomach were growling as we made our way to their cafe. Lunch was pasta (yucks) and jumbo hotdog (thumbs up).
After lunch, we stumbled into the North Pole Spectacular, a big aquarium with seals swimming all over to give our stomachs a much needed time to digest.
We didn’t take this Whirly Bird ride but I think this picture looks good.
Refusing to pay for the plastic poncho, my t-shirt got all drenched from the River Rage.
The runaway Mine Train ride looks pretty old but I board it anyway. It was situated right by the edge of the mountain and added to the rush of adrenaline as it twist and turn.
The Dragon… there was not much queue towards the end of the day so I took this ride with loops and cockscrew twice!
As the speakers started to announce the closure of the summit, we rush to the ferries wheel only to see it closed shortly before we arrived.
Since everything on the summit was closing, we took the new (I think) Ocean Express down to the bottom of the park. It was cartoon shaped submarine that could accommodate a large number of people as it sail underwater in the dark.
Once we reached the bottom, we scoot over to the Giant Panda Adventure to catch a glimpse of these adorably clumsy giant pandas.
As if watching these fellas wasn’t enough, they also had the equally cute Red Panda within the same enclosure.
They were so cute we had to dragged ourself out of the Panda enclosure and just when we were about to call it a day, we were ushered into the Grand Aquarium was still open.
The Grand Aquarium was a collection of fishes, lighted jelly fish and a huge immersive fish tank. Makes you feel like your a visitor in the ocean.
As we got out of the Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park still had more trick up its sleeve. A wall of water swaying to the music with fire and fireworks…
A last hurrah as we make our way out on a high.
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