5 Steps in Choosing the Right Outdoor Garden Furniture

Are you currently shopping for garden furniture to fill your outdoor spaces? If so, here’s a guide to help you make the right choice amidst the sea of varying designs, colors, and materials available to you. Following these steps can help ensure you create outdoor spaces that not only serve your needs but are pleasing to the eyes as well.

Outdoor Garden Furniture

1. Consider your purpose

activities and intended uses for the outdoor furniture you are planning to buy.
Are you planning to set up an accommodating lounge for large pool parties, or just a cozy seating for personal relaxation time? Your aim for styling and furnishing your outdoor areas bear a large influence over the type of furniture you should buy. For instance, if you frequently hold parties for a large group of guests, then investing in sturdy and spacious pieces is your best bet. If you intend to relax alone or with a few close people in your landscaped garden, then comfortable, breezy chairs around a small table would be nice.

2. Measure the space you intend to fill in your outdoor area.

Measure the exact area you have, and make sure you buy outdoor garden furniture that not only fits that area but allows extra room for moving around them as well. Whether you’re looking to install a full-sized table or just a bar table, it’s worth knowing the dimensions that will comfortably fit your available outdoor space. If you need to work with a small space, check out furniture pieces that can serve more than one function. For instance, a hardy storage bench made of teak or treated pine can serve as a seat, a table, or an extra storage space for your wicker chair’s cushions when it rains.

3. Check for both comfort and durability.

Naturally, you’ll want your furniture to be able to withstand the elements, maintain their aesthetic appeal throughout the years, and offer you a comfortable and relaxing living space outdoors. No matter what the material you go for-wood, metal, plastic or other synthetic options such as a resin-take note that although they may cost more, better-grade pieces are worth investing in if you want optimum comfort and furniture longevity.

4. Decide on the look you want to go for.

Do you prefer your outdoor spaces to look traditional or contemporary? Do you want your outdoor areas to look casual and breezy or formal and classical? Would you rather channel a rustic, country feel, or a modern, city-life vibe? Your choice of furniture material and style largely determines the look and mood that your outdoor spaces inspire, so it’s good to know the look you’re trying to achieve before deciding on the type of furniture to buy. It’s also a great idea to match your choices with the theme of your home’s interiors, fa?ade, and backyard so that these different areas can still complement each other well.

5. Consider your budget.

How much are you willing to spend on outdoor furniture? Though it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in choosing your furnishings, the cost is an indispensable consideration when it comes to shopping for garden furniture. Identify your budget and work within a range that’s practical and comfortable for you.

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